In addition to confirming compliance with the standards to the National Building Code, building inspectors review the overall quality of your structure. The purpose of an inspection is to identify any deficiencies in construction before it is too late. Problems can arise in a structure long after construction is completed, significantly reducing its resale value or driving up restoration costs.


Steps in planning a construction project

  • Draft the construction project
  • Establish a construction budget and timeline
  • Meet the inspector to convey your intentions and provide a detailed explanation of the project’s various components
  • Obtain a building permit
  • Proceed with construction
  • Maintain contact with the inspector and arrange periodic inspections to ensure that all phases of construction remain compliant

Your building inspector’s knowledge can be called upon throughout the process of planning and execution of  your project. He or she may be able to identify potential cost overruns and direct you toward other, more cost-effective or realistic options.


Obtain your building permit!