Planning projects can range widely in scope, from installing a swimming pool to developing a shopping centre project. A planner guides your projects by outlining the procedure to be followed based on the nature of your project. Almost anything is possible, but all projects are subject to certain procedures which vary depending on a project’s scope. The planner supports you throughout your project, helping you to foresee potential complications and to understand your project’s consequences, especially over the long term.


Steps in developing a planning project

  • Define the project (scope, nature, budget, potential site, requirements, etc.)
  • Meet with the planner
  • Compare requirements with resources
  • Adjust the project
  • Execute the project

A number of issues can arise at any point during development of a planning project. The involvement of a planner helps to minimize the risk of unpleasant surprises, determine their consequences and, most importantly, helps you to solve them.