The Northwest Regional Service Commission (CSRNO) was established in 2013 to enable the needed collaboration and cooperation between municipalities, rural communities and local service districts (LSDs).

Thereby, they are better positioned to meet the service needs of residents and to benefit from collective efforts to build and sustain stronger regions.

The NWRSC provides solid waste and urban planning services to municipalities from Connors to Drummond, including Saint-Quentin.


The Northwest Regional Service Commission (CSRNO) Solid Waste Service (former COGERNO) operates a sanitary landfill site located in Rivière-Verte in northwestern New Brunswick. Its mandate is to provide sound solid waste management. Concurrently, this service manages many recycling programs and builds on educating and promoting awareness within the school districts and the community.

Taxpayers are paying for the management of their household wastes. This cost is billed to the municipalities and LSDs based on the amount per tonne of waste delivered. Afterwards, the cost is distributed and collected through the property tax system.



The Urban Planning Service provides services that  fall into four main areas:

  • Developing the tools required for optimal planning and development.
  • Advising municipalities and local service districts (LSDs) on the development of their communities.
  • Ensuring sustainable use of land through control and planning.
  • Serving and supporting the general public in their development projects.

The next board meeting of Directors will be held on ___________ at ______ p.m., in person at the Northwest Regional Services Commission’s offices at 36 Court Street, Suite 102 in Edmundston.

You are invited to participate in public consultations to discuss a variety of topics: economic development, tourism promotion, community development, regional transportation, sports, recreational and cultural infrastructure, public safety, land use planning, and environmentally sound ecological waste management.

Please check the dates below to determine which consultation is best for you!

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