The NWRSC is responsible for the enforcement of various bylaws governing land use, construction and land subdivision. The Community Planning Act prescribes a series of tools to guide community development (provincial planning policy, regional plans, municipal plans, zoning bylaws, rural plans, subdivision bylaws, building bylaws, flood risk area bylaws, etc.). The Commission also oversees amendments to these bylaws. Requirements may vary from one community to the next.  Each community decides on the direction of its development. By adopting a plan (rural or municipal), a community may prescribe specific standards within their zoning bylaws or even within their rural plan in order to carry out the intent of the plan.

The Community Planning Act sets out all powers, responsibilities and manners of enforcement in relation to the law. The various tools in place within our region with respect to the Community Planning Act by municipality or LSD, are as follows:

Our officers are also responsible for checking other provincial legislation before issuing development permits, including legislation governing the environment, health, transportation, public safety and emergency services.

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